Connecting Your Zip® 250 Drive to PCMCIA

You can connect your Zip® 250 drive to your PC laptop using a Zip PCMCIA adapter card. If the package you purchased did not include a Zip PCMCIA adapter card, you can purchase one through your computer dealer or order it directly from Iomega's web site:

  1. If you have not already installed IomegaWare software, install it now.

  2. Connect the Zip® PCMCIA cable to the Zip® 250 drive arrow side up.

    The cable connector fits only one way. Look at the connection carefully and avoid bending any pins as you connect it to the drive.

    NOTE: Do not connect a USB cable and a PCMCIA adapter to the Zip® 250 drive at the same time. The USB will not work.

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  3. Locate the PCMCIA slots and open the slot cover.

    Most laptops have slots for two PCMCIA cards. The Zip® PCMCIA card will work in either slot. If you are unsure connecting PCMCIA, refer to your laptop documentation.


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  4. Slide the PCMCIA card into the slot on the laptop.

    The eject button on the Zip® drive will flash green when the PCMCIA card is inserted.

    NOTE! Do not force the PCMCIA card into the slot; the connector fits only one way. If the slot orientation on your laptop is different than illustrated, refer to the documentation for your laptop.

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    NOTE! If you are connecting more than one Iomega PCMCIA device, you will need to connect a power supply.

    1. Check to see if your laptop supports using a power supply for PCMCIA drives. If so, connect the Zip® power supply to the drive and the other end to an outlet or power strip.

    2. The lightweight universal power supply included with your Zip® drive works with voltages from 100 to 240 volts.

    3. The green power light (eject button) on the front of the Zip® drive flashes momentarily after you have connected the power supply cable.

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  6. Insert a 250MB Zip disk into the Zip drive.

    Push the Zip® disk all the way in to the Zip drive until it locks into place.

    The green light (eject button for PCs) will flash momentarily.



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