Using Boxee

About Boxee

What is Boxee?

Boxee is the media player software built-in to your Iomega TV. It lets you find and play movies, TV shows, and other media content directly from the Internet, as well as play personal media files from your home network volumes, USB devices connected to your Iomega TV, or the internal hard disk on the Iomega TV + Network Storage.

You can think of Boxee as an internet aggregrator — it scans the Internet for available media content, organizes it for easy search, and presents it on your TV screen in a content-rich format that makes it easy to find what you want to watch. This gives you easy access to any media content available to stream from the Internet, including TV shows, movies, apps, and social media.

Boxee also scans your home network for your personal media files and presents them in the same content-rich format it uses for internet media. You can also add other local sources for Boxee to access. See Personal Media Files for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Boxee require a login?

Boxee is designed to support multiple user accounts. This allows you to personalize social network settings, favorite TV shows, and apps for different users in the same household. If you want just one login for everyone in your household, you can set Boxee to remember your password and login automatically each time you turn on your Iomega TV.

Your Boxee account login also lets you set up your social network friends on the Boxee web site.

Are there monthly fees for using Boxee?

Boxee does not charge you any monthly fees; however, some premium applications and online movie services accessible through Boxee may require a fee.

Can I watch live TV shows using Boxee?

Some applications, like BBC or MLB, broadcast live content you can watch using Boxee. Most content from mainstream TV is available from the Boxee TV Show library soon after it airs live.

What internet media can I play with Boxee?

Boxee can play almost anything that you can play on a computer. Check the section on supported media formats for detailed information on the video, audio, and image formats Boxee can play.

Does Boxee have a parental control feature?

Yes, Boxee includes settings that allow you set a password to control accessibility of adult content. See Settings > Adult for more information.

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Navigation Tips

  • Use the right/left arrows on the remote control whenever you want to move the selection highlight across the screen.

  • Use the up/down arrows on the top of the remote control to move the highlight up or down on the screen.

  • Press the OK button to enter a highlighted feature or menu or make selections.

  • Press OK (play/pause) to play or display selected media content.

  • During playback, press the OK button to bring up onscreen display options (OSD) and make selections.

  • Press the HOME button to display the Boxee home screen.

  • Press the BACK button to display the content search bar or access settings.

  • To use the QWERTY keyboard, turn the remote control over and press the Unlock key on the lower left of the keyboard. This unlocks the keyboard and locks the navigation keys. After using the keyboard, press the Unlock key again to lock the keyboard and unlock the navigation/player controls.

    NOTE: If you forget to unlock the navigation/player controls before turning the remote control over, you can unlock them by pressing the Home button.

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Boxee Updates

Iomega provides frequent updates to keep your Iomega TV up to date. Each time you login to Boxee, it will check for new updates and notify you when an update is available. Follow the onscreen prompts to install the update. Once the update is completed, you will need to restart the Iomega TV (Boxee will prompt you).

If you want information on what's changed in the latest version, go to the Iomega web site at and select Media Players > Iomega TV.

NOTE: Boxee updates include firmware for the Iomega Storage Manager features on the Iomega TV.

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