Using the Iomega iConnect

Connecting to Shared Storage

The simplest way to connect to the folders on your Iomega iConnect Data Station is to run the Iomega Storage Manager software. Iomega Storage Manager is included on the Solutions CD that came with your drive. Once installed, the Iomega Storage Manager software will run automatically. Iomega Storage Manager will automatically connect you to the folders that you have permission to access. Once Iomega Storage Manager has connected to the folders, your computer should reconnect to the Iomega iConnect automatically every time it is restarted. Iomega Storage Manager is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

In some cases, you may wish to connect to the folder without using the Iomega Storage Manager. The following instructions describe how this is done:

This process will map a drive letter to the Iomega iConnect Data Station.

  1. Open an Explorer window.

  2. Select Map Network Drive... from the Tools menu.

  3. Select the Drive letter to which you wish to map the folder.

  4. In the Folder text area, enter \\<IP Address>\<Folder Name> or \\<Device Name>\<Folder Name>.

    NOTE: <Device Name> refers to the Storage Device Name setting you entered during the initial configuration. <Folder Name> refers to the folder you would like to access. The default folders on the Iomega iConnect Data Station are public and Backups. If you have created users there also may be a folder for each user.

    Example: \\Iomega iConnect\public or \\\public

  5. Check the Reconnect at Login option if you wish to reconnect to this drive letter when restarting your computer.

  6. Click Finish to confirm the drive map.

  7. Enter the Username and Password, if necessary, to connect to the folder.

  8. Verify that the mapped network drive shows up correctly in My Computer.

NOTE: You may need to map new drive letters if you make changes to Iomega iConnect Data Station users and folders.

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If you are using Mac OS X v. 10.5 (Leopard) the Iomega iConnect Data Station should automatically appear in the left hand navigation bar of the Finder window under the heading SHARED. In some cases, you may need to click on ALL... and browse to your network drive. If you are using a version of Mac OS X other than 10.5 or could not find your network drive, use the following instructions:

  1. Select Connect to Server... from the Finder's Go menu.

  2. Enter smb://<Device IP address> or smb://<Device Name>.local., then click Connect.

    NOTE: <Device Name> refers to the Storage Device Name setting you entered during the initial configuration.

    NOTE: See Finding the IP Address in Mac OS X for information of finding the IP address or device name of the Iomega iConnect Data Station.

  3. Enter a user name and password (required only if you have enabled permissions), then click Connect, otherwise click the Guest radio button and click Connect.

  4. Select the folder you wish to mount, then click OK.

  5. The folder will appear on the Desktop.

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