What is FireWire?
Setting Up Your Zip 250 USB Drive as a FireWire Device


Getting Started

You can use your Zip® 250 FireWire® Accessory only with an Iomega Zip 250 USB drive on either a Macintosh® Running Mac® OS 8.6 or 9.x or a Windows® PC running Windows 98 Second Edition, or Windows 2000. It is designed to work only with the Zip 250 USB drive with a built-in PC card connector.

What is FireWire®?

Many newer computers have a port for connecting FireWire devices. The FireWire® port allows you to connect high speed devices, such as digital camcorders, audio recorders, Zip® drives, and other external storage devices, to your computer. The FireWire interface allows you to connect up to 63 devices to your computer. You can connect and disconnect devices to your computer, while the computer is running, without having to worry about setting device IDs, switches, or terminators required by many other interfaces.

There are two types of FireWire® connectors. Most desktop computers have 6-pin FireWire connectors and most laptop computers have 4-pin FireWire connectors. Computers that have 6-pin devices can supply power to some devices. It may not be neccessary to use the power adapter that came with your Zip® drive on computers with 6-pin FireWire connectors.

6-pin FireWire Port

4-pin FireWire Port

NOTE: Your Zip® 250 FireWire® Accessory includes only the cables necessary to connect your Zip drive to a computer with a 6-pin FireWire connector.

FireWire® is also known by its industry standard designation IEEE 1394 or Sony® i.Link®. The remainder of this manual will refer to this interface as FireWire. Look for "1394" or one of the following logos to locate the FireWire connector on your computer:


Setting Up Your Zip® 250 Drive as a FireWire® Device

CAUTION! Before installing or using your Zip® 250 drive, read and follow the FireWire guidelines to ensure reliable performance of your FireWire® devices.

Here's how to get started using your Zip® 250 drive:

  1. Unpack the Zip® 250 FireWire® Accessory, the cable and the software CD.


    6-pin to 6-pin FireWire® cable


    Zip® 250™ FireWire® Accessory

IomegaWare software CD and Quick Install Guide



NOTE: For maximum reliability, use only genuine Zip® 250MB or 100MB* disks.

2. Install the Zip FireWire Accessory driver software.

CAUTION! Zip® 250 FireWire® Accessory software installs the driver needed on your computer to support the Zip 250 USB drive. If the necessary driver is not installed, the Zip drive with the FireWire Accessory may not be recognized or may not work correctly.

3. Connect your Zip FireWire Adapter

*250MB or 100MB where 1MB =1 million bytes. The capacity reported by your operating system may vary.

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