Configuring Your Iomega® NAS

Iomega NAS Discovery Utility

The Iomega NAS Discovery utility will help you configure the Iomega NAS. Iomega NAS Discovery contains the following tools:


This program searches the network for your Iomega NAS server. This tool runs automatically when NAS Discovery starts up. Click on the refresh button to search again.

Drive Map

Once the Iomega NAS is configured, you will need to map a drive letter. Drive Map will automate this process for you. You will need to map a drive letter for each client computer.


Use this web-based tool to configure the Iomega NAS.


Iomega NAS Discovery will run on a Microsoft® Windows® 98/Me/NT® 4.0/2000/XP PC that is attached to the network or directly to the Iomega NAS. Any Windows PC with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or above can configure the NAS.

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Running Iomega NAS Discovery

  1. Start your computer, wait for the operating system to load, then insert the Solutions CD.

    The registration application should open automatically. Register your Iomega NAS system by following the on-screen instructions. When the Solutions CD menu appears, select Iomega NAS Discovery Utility. Select Click to Open to run the software.

    NOTE: If the software doesn't automatically run, click the CD icon in My Computer, then double click the Start icon.

  2. The Iomega NAS Discovery software will list all discovered Iomega NAS servers.

    NOTE: See Troubleshooting if Iomega NAS Discovery does not find your Iomega NAS.

    NOTE: By default, the Iomega NAS is set to obtain its IP address from a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server. Click on the IOMEGANAS-xxxxx name and then the Manage button. If your network has a DHCP server running, the Iomega NAS will obtain its IP address from the DHCP server and launch the NAS management utility.

  3. If your network does not have a DHCP server, UNKNOWN will appear in the status column of the Iomega NAS Discovery utility. Click on the Manage button to enter the appropriate IP address and subnet mask.

    If you don't know what IP addresses to use, click on the Suggest button and the server will search the network for an available address for you. Enter the password, ADMIN (uppercase) is the factory default, and click the APPLY button.

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Advanced Configuration of the Iomega NAS

Information on making more advanced changes to your Iomega NAS can be found in the NAS help system. To access the help system:

  1. Insert the Solutions CD into your CD-ROM drive.

  2. If necessary, register your Iomega NAS system following the on-screen instructions.

  3. Select the NAS Discovery Utility icon from the Solutions CD menu. Select Click to Open to run the software.

  4. Select the Iomega NAS you would like to configure from the NAS Discovery window.

  5. Click the Manage Button.

  6. Log into the Iomega NAS. If you are logging in for the first time, the user name is administrator and the password is ADMIN.

  7. Click on Administer this server appliance.

  8. If necessary, re-enter your user name and password.

  9. Click on the Help button for instructions on configuring your Iomega NAS.

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Configuring the Iomega NAS with Terminal Services

Microsoft Terminal Services allows you to log onto and configure your Iomega NAS. The web-based administration tool only allows you to configure a limited set of the NAS settings. Terminal Services allows the ability to change the full set of Iomega NAS settings. There are three ways to use Terminal Services:

  • Use the web-based administration tool (maintenanceTerminal Services). Web-based Terminal Services requires Microsoft Internet Explorer and ActiveX.

  • Use the Remote Desktop Connection application built-in to Microsoft Windows XP (StartAll ProgramsAccessoriesCommunicationsRemote Desktop Connections)

  • Download the Remote Desktop Connection application from

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Updating the Iomega NAS Software

Please visit our website for the latest OS updates for your Iomega NAS.

Appropriate updates, patches and Quick Fix Engineering (QFEs) released by Microsoft, including critical updates, will be listed on Iomega's website. Do not install patches or updates that are not listed on the Iomega website, as they may have adverse effects on the Iomega NAS.

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