Will my Iomega® product work with Windows® XP?
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Windows® XP includes the drivers needed to recognize your Iomega® drive. The native drivers included in Windows XP should assign your drive a letter in My Computer. If your Iomega drive is not being assigned a drive letter in My Computer, please refer to the following document for additional help http://www.iomega.com/support/documents/11078.html

You must use IomegaWare™ version 3.1 or higher with Windows XP for disk protection. The current version of IomegaWare is available from our Software Download site at http://www.iomega.com/software/

Important: Using earlier versions of IomegaWare in Windows XP may cause your computer to blue screen or be unstable.

Note: You may receive the error message "Setup found hardware or software on your computer that might not work with Windows XP" when upgrading from another operating system to Windows XP. If you are receiving this error during an upgrade, please go to http://www.iomega.com/support/documents/11161.html

The following Iomega drives and software are supported with Windows XP

The following Iomega drives and software work with Windows XP native drivers but are not supported by Iomega
  • Peerless™ drive system USB and FireWire
  • Jaz® 1GB drive
  • Jaz 2GB drive
  • Jaz Traveller
  • PocketZip™ (Clik!™) PC Card drive
  • PocketZip (Clik!) USB Dock
  • Iomega Microdrive™
  • FotoShow™ Digital Image Center
  • HipZip™ Digital Audio Player
  • CompactFlash
  • SmartMedia

The following Iomega drives and software will not work with Windows XP

For more information on Windows XP, visit the Microsoft® Web Site at http://www.microsoft.com

  25 August 2003