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Iomega® REV™ 35GB/90GB* Drive
General Questions

What is an Iomega REV 35GB/90GB* drive
What does Iomega mean by "a removable hard disk"
Is the Iomega REV drive bootable
What is the size of an Iomega REV disk
What does "35GB/90GB" mean
Why does the disk say 35GB on it, and yet the capacity appears smaller when I use it?

What is an Iomega REV 35GB/90GB* drive?
An Iomega REV drive is a revolutionary removable hard disk solution that efficiently and reliably backs up your system, provides low-cost portable storage, and performs file and system level backups with the included professional-level software bundle. The drives come in both internal and external versions, and are used to read and write to the Iomega REV 35GB/90GB* disks, which are small, portable cartridges that hold 35GB of data (or up to 90GB* of backup data with the included software compression).

What does Iomega mean by "a removable hard disk"?
What makes the Iomega REV drive revolutionary is the way in which Iomega engineered the hard disk to be removable. Iomega, the world-leader in removable portable storage, developed this technology to ingeniously separate the 2.5” hard disk platter and spindle motor from the rest of the regular hard drive components. The disk and motor are housed in a rugged, removable hard plastic cartridge, leaving the disk heads and electronics – the most expensive and delicate components – in the drive section. This makes the drive and disk system very cost-effective, as many of the components do not need to be duplicated to add capacity to the system, and also makes the “disks” very durable.

Is the Iomega REV drive bootable?
The Iomega REV drive is bootable on supported PC platforms, as long as the PC’s BIOS supports booting from MMC class devices (e.g., CD and DVD-ROM drives) from your particular bus interface type (USB, FireWire/1394, ATAPI, etc.).

What is the physical size of an Iomega REV disk?
The approximate physical size of an Iomega REV disk is 10mm in height, 77mm in width, and 75mm in length, easily fitting in a shirt pocket. The approximate mass of an Iomega REV disk is 73 grams.

What does "35GB/90GB" mean?
The two capacities, 35GB and 90GB, refer to the native and compressed capacity of the disk respectively. Compressed capacity is achieved using the 2.6:1 software data compression (on the “high” compression setting) included in the bundled Iomega Automatic Backup Pro software. The actual compressed capacity will vary since compression is data and software dependent. For all stated capacities, 1GB equals 1,000,000,000 bytes.

I know that different companies use different measures of what constitutes a gigabyte. How do you measure gigabytes for REV disks?
Like other removable media such as DVDs and tapes, Iomega REV disks use 1GB (gigabyte) = 1,000,000,000 bytes. This is a hardware industry standard measure. Some software products measure gigabytes using a binary counting system rather than a decimal system, and under that system a gigabyte is 1073741824 bytes. Using the hardware industry standard, REV disks hold 35 GB (uncompressed). Using the binary measure, a newly formatted Iomega REV disk may report 32.5 GB free space available. In all cases, the user is still receiving 35,000,000,000 bytes of available space on the disk.

*Compressed capacity assuming 2.6:1 data compression using "high" compression setting in Iomega Automatic Backup Pro software. This capacity may vary since compression is data and software dependent. 1GB equals 1,000,000,000 bytes