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How do I manually install a Zip® drive parallel port driver ?
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If your computer is having trouble recognizing your Zip® drive, then you will need to manually install the Zip parallel port driver.

STEP ONE - Close all open windows

Close all windows open on the desktop by using the following steps:

  1. Click on the X in the upper right hand corner of each window that is open on the desktop.

  2. From the Task bar at the bottom of the screen, click on each minimized program to restore it to the Desktop. Then click the X in the upper right hand corner to close the window.

STEP TWO - Uninstall the old driver

  1. Click on Start.

  2. Highlight Settings.

  3. Click on Control Panel.

  4. Double-click on System.

  5. Click on the Device Manager tab.

  6. If there is a plus sign (+) next to SCSI Controllers click on it, if there is a minus sign (-) continue with the next step.

  7. Highlight the Iomega Parallel port driver.

    Note: If Iomega parallel port driver is not listed, proceed to STEP THREE.

  8. Click the Remove button.

  9. Click Ok.

  10. Close Device Manager.

STEP THREE - Install the parallel port drive's driver

  1. Click on Start.

  2. Highlight Settings.

  3. Click on Control Panel.

  4. Double-click on Add New Hardware.

  5. Click on Next.

    Note: Windows 98 will do a search for plug and play devices. Click on Next, to begin the search. After the search, if a screen asks, “Is the device that you want to install listed below?” and the Iomega adapter is listed, cancel and repeat “Step two - Uninstall the old driver”. If there is not an Iomega adapter listed, select No then click Next.

  6. Select No to the question, “Do you want Windows to search for your new hardware?”

  7. Click on Next.

  8. Highlight SCSI Controllers.

  9. Click on Next.

  10. Click on the Have Disk button.

  11. From the Install from disk prompt, click on the Browse button. From the Drives drop-down list at the bottom of the window, choose the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive.

    Note: If you downloaded the driver and are installing from that file, browse to the location where you downloaded the file.

  12. Within the Folders list, double-click on the w9xstuff folder and select Ok twice.

  13. Within the Models list, scroll down, choose the Iomega Parallel Port Interface.

  14. Click OK.

  15. Click on the Finish button to complete the driver installation of the driver.

STEP FOUR - Check to see if the driver is installed properly

  1. Double-click on the My Computer icon.

  2. Click View from the Menu bar.

  3. Select Arrange Icons.

  4. Look for an icon for the Zip drive.

    Is the problem fixed ?

    Y If there is an icon for the Zip drive then the driver is installed, you are ready to use your drive.

    N If there is not an icon for the Zip drive refer to the document Parallel Port Conflicts

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