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Are drivers and software needed to use my Iomega® CD-RW, DVD or ZipCD™ 650 drive?
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Drivers are used by the operating system to detect the Iomega® CD-RW, DVD or ZipCD™ 650 drive. Only certain operating systems and interfaces need drivers in order for the drive to be detected properly. The only operating system that requires you to download and install a driver for your drive to be detected is Windows® 98 and only when you are using a USB drive. To download the Windows 98 driver, please go to the Iomega Software Download site at

    Iomega CD-RW 4x4x6 or ZipCD 650 4x4x6 USB drive customers using Windows 98: please scroll down the list until you find "USB Driver". Download and install this driver.

    All other Iomega CD-RW (ZipCD 650) USB drive customers: please scroll down the list until you find "USB and FireWire (1394) update module". Download and install this update.

CD and/or DVD burning software is needed to use your drive as a CD burner. You need to install the software that came with the drive, install a third-party CD or DVD burning software or use the built-in CD or DVD burning software available with certain operating systems (Windows® XP & Mac® OS X).

    Note: If you are having problems with the software that came with your drive or if you lost your software solutions CD, please contact Iomega Technical Support via email or use our 1-on-1 live chat

For more information about drivers and CD or DVD burning software, please go to document

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