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How do I assign or change the drive letter for my Iomega® drive in Windows® XP?
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This solution applies to the following Iomega® drives:

  • Zip® 100MB, 250MB & 750MB

  • Jaz® 1GB & 2GB

  • Iomega CD-RW / ZipCD™ / DVD

  • PocketZip™ / Clik!™

  • Iomega External Portable/Desktop Hard Drive

  • HipZip™

  • Microdrive™

  • Peerless™

  • FotoShow™

  • Iomega Mini USB drive

Follow the steps below to assign or change the drive letter for your Iomega drive in Windows® XP.

    Note: Drive letter assignments for your hard drive, network drive, CD-ROM or DVD drives, may change after installing your Iomega® drive. The steps below can also be used to change the drive letter of your CD-ROM or other drive whose drive letter was changed.

STEP ONE - Log in as the system administrator

    You must be logged in as the system administrator in order to change drive letters in Windows XP.

STEP TWO - Open the Disk Management window

  1. If your drive is removable, insert a disk into the Iomega drive, otherwise continue with the next step.

  2. Click Start and go to the My Computer icon.

  3. Right-click the My Computer icon.

  4. Click Manage.

  5. Under the Storage category click Disk Management.

STEP THREE - Assign or change the drive letter

  1. In the upper half of the window, right-click the drive letter assigned to the Iomega drive.

  2. Click Change drive letter and path.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Click the Assign drive letter drop-down menu and choose an unused drive letter for the Iomega drive.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Click Yes to the message that appears.

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