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How do I get the latest Ditto® Software?
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The Iomega® Ditto® drive does not use drivers to recognize the drive. The backup software that came with the drive will allow you to backup to your Ditto drive making drivers unnecessary to operate the drive.

Following are descriptions of Ditto software and supported operating systems which may be downloaded from the Iomega Web site at: Software Download Site

Operating System Filename
Windows® 98 / 95 / and Windows NT®
Iomega Backup Version 3.2
Download Nowditto98.exe
Windows 95
Ditto Tools Version 5.5
Download Nowditwintools.exe
Ditto Tools for DOS version 5.3
Download Nowdittotools.exe

Important: The Ditto drive is no longer being manufactured and as such, backup software is not available for the following operating systems:

  • Windows® 2000

  • Windows Me

  • Windows CE

  • Windows XP

  • Macintosh®

  • Linux®

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