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How do I install my internal Zip® SCSI drive in Windows® 98/95?
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Complete installation instructions and illustrations are contained in the documentation that came with your internal Zip® SCSI drive. You may also view the Zip 250 SCSI installation manual at

STEP ONE - Things you need before starting

  • Mounting rails. Refer to the documentation that came with your computer to see if you need mounting rails.

  • Screwdriver for removing the computer case.

  • SCSI adapter interface card. This may be either a separate card or built onto the computer's main board.

    Note: If you need a SCSI interface card, go to the Iomega® online store at

  • An open drive bay in which to install the drive.

  • Internal power supply connector. You may need an internal power "Y" adapter from your local computer store.

STEP TWO - Installation instructions for the internal Zip SCSI drive in Windows® 98/95

    Warning: Before opening the case on your computer or before touching the internal components of the computer; always turn off the power to your computer and disconnect the computer's power cord from the electrical outlet. To discharge personal static electricity, touch a grounded metal object such as a metal screw attached to the cover of the computer. A screw that is attached to the computer chassis is grounded. If you do not discharge personal static electricity, you risk damaging your hardware and possibly losing your data.

  1. Unpack the Zip drive and accessories being careful to discharge personal static electricity by touching an unpainted metal screw on your computer.

    Caution: Removing your computer cover may void your manufacturer's warranty agreement. Before removing your computer cover, check your computer manufacturer's warranty information.

  2. Disconnect the computer power cord and remove the cover from your computer. Refer to your computer's documentation if cover removal is unclear.

    Note: Iomega internal testing indicates that the Zip drive works when connected to the end of a Fast SCSI-2 or Ultra SCSI chain using a high quality cable. However, the drive does not meet SCSI-2 or Ultra SCSI specifications and may not work correctly in these configurations. Data integrity could possibly be affected.

  3. Locate any vacant 16-bit ISA expansion slot. A 16-bit expansion slot is needed to install the Zip Zoom™ or other SCSI adapter card.

  4. Push the Zip Zoom board firmly into the expansion slot until it CLICKS into place or is seated firmly.

  5. Pick up the data cable and find the colored stripe (or printing) on one side of the data cable, indicating PIN 1.

  6. Connect the data cable to your Zip Zoom SCSI adapter or other brand of SCSI adapter. Be sure PIN 1 on the cable is connected to PIN 1 on the board.

  7. Locate a vacant drive bay and remove the front panel cover.

    Note: Check drive mounting requirements. Your drive bay may require side rails. Use the same mounting hardware as on similar drives in your system. See your computer dealer for any special hardware.

  8. Connect a computer power supply cable.

    Note: If your computer has no spare power supply cable, you will need to use a dealer supplied power Y-cable.

  9. Follow the data cable from the Zip Zoom SCSI adapter and connect it to your Zip drive making sure Pin-1 is connected to the red stripe on the data cable on both SCSI card and Zip drive.

  10. Secure the drive in the drive bay using the mounting screws if it is not already secured.

  11. Check all connections, arrange the cables to fit under the cover and replace the computer cover.

  12. Reconnect the power cord, turn ON the power switch and wait for the operating system to load.

  13. After the operating system finishes loading, insert the IomegaWare™ CD into the computer's CD-ROM drive.

    Note: You may download the latest IomegaWare software from Software Download Icon

  14. If the Iomega software setup program does not start automatically, follow these steps:

    1. Double-click My Computer.

    2. Double-click the CD-ROM drive letter (usually D:, E: or F:) or the location where you saved the downloaded IomegaWare file.

    3. Double-click the icon for Setup.exe.

  15. Follow the screen instructions to install the IomegaWare software.

    Note: You may need to restart your computer to complete the installation.

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