What do I do if my Iomega® Floppy drive is not detected in Windows®?
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If the Iomega® Floppy drive is not assigned a drive letter in My Computer or Windows® Explorer, then please use the following steps to help resolve this issue.

STEP ONE - Install the driver (All Windows operating systems)

All Windows operating systems require drivers to be installed in order for the Iomega Floppy drive to be detected. Use the Drivers CD that came with your drive to install the appropriate driver for your Floppy drive using the Add New Hardware wizard in Windows.

    Note: Drivers for your Iomega Floppy drive can also be obtained from the Iomega Download site at http://www.iomega.com/software/

Once you install the appropriate drivers, double-click the My Computer icon and verify the Floppy drive is assigned a letter.

If the Iomega Floppy drive is assigned a letter, installing appropriate drivers resolved your problem.

If the Iomega Floppy drive is still not detected, please continue with the next step.

STEP TWO - Verify the drive connections

STEP THREE - Verify the USB controllers are recognized by the operating system

STEP FOUR - Try the Iomega Floppy drive on another computer

21 March 2003