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Iomega Automatic Backup Pro Now Includes Professional-Level Disaster Recovery

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Iomega Enhances Easy-To-Use, Award-Winning Backup Software For Network and Desktop Users
Iomega Automatic Backup Pro Now Includes Professional-Level Disaster Recovery

SAN DIEGO, April 20, 2005- Iomega Corporation (NYSE: IOM), a global leader in data storage celebrating 25 years of business in 2005, today announced that a new and enhanced edition of its easy-to-use backup solution for protecting important data on desktop and mobile computers, Iomega® Automatic Backup Pro software (IAB Pro), is now shipping with new Iomega products and is available on the Iomega Web site.

Integrated Disaster Recovery and Real-Time Backup
With IAB Pro software, version 3.2, home users and businesses get double the data protection of most backup applications.

In everyday use, IAB Pro software can create automatic real-time backups of all of the user's important files whenever a file changes, so backups are never out of date. In addition, IAB Pro software can perform convenient full-system backups as needed from within Windows; if disaster strikes, the user can immediately restore their entire system, including all application software and settings, eliminating hours of tedious reinstallation of the operating system and application software.

By integrating two advanced applications in a single easy-to-use package, IAB Pro software now gives users an essential tool for recovering from data loss regardless of its cause, whether due to hackers, viruses, hardware failure, or user error.

Peace of Mind for Home Users
An easy one-minute setup lets users choose the files and folders to protect. After that, IAB Pro software works in the background, automatically creating up-to-the-minute backup copies whenever a file changes. Users can also go back in time and retrieve previous versions of a current file; they simply tell IAB Pro software how many file revisions they want it to track.

For those who need scheduled backups, a scheduling wizard is included for creating customized backup schedules that fit the user's work routine and backup requirements. Scheduling features include full support for incremental backups.

For improved security, IAB Pro software supports password protection and AES file encryption. Users can also use the program's built-in file compression, which provides up to 2.6:1 compression with typical office documents* and makes each storage dollar go farther.

Improved Protection for Client PCs on the Network
"For complete protection, businesses need the ability to back up day-to-day work that may be located on client PCs rather than on a centralized server," said Kristen Panebianco, software product manager, Iomega Corporation. "IAB Pro performs client backup automatically without any impact on administration costs, supplying the missing piece of the data protection puzzle in many businesses."

IAB Pro software gives each client PC the choice of continuous backup or scheduled backup to an external hard drive, network hard drive or NAS (network-attached storage) device. Users can also choose to back up to removable-media drives like the Iomega® REV™ drive for easy and secure off-site backup. And with support for multiple backup configurations, IAB Pro software can handle virtually any combination of backup tasks to manage different sets of files and backup destinations.

For smaller offices without a full-time IT staff, IAB Pro software's simple installation and "set-it-and-forget-it" operation make it easy for users to get up and running quickly without staff training costs. And when the time comes to recover a lost file, users can restore their own files from IAB Pro backups. Options include retrieving individual files, files created at a specific time, or files stored on multiple backups.

The High Cost of Data Loss
The "set-it-and-forget-it" philosophy of IAB Pro software is more than just low-cost insurance against data loss on desktop PCs. It can also figure in the disaster-recovery planning of companies of all sizes to ensure business continuity.

Because they recognize the high cost of downtime, many companies already have contingency plans for critical server applications like customer relationship management (CRM) software, email, web transaction e-commerce software, and accounts receivable applications. In a recent survey** of small, medium-sized and enterprise companies, 24 percent stated that their downtime costs for critical applications were over $100,000 per hour.**

However, these companies may not be as well protected at the client PC level, even though disruptions to local data are still costly and can result in irreversible data loss. A recent ICSA survey*** of mid-sized and enterprise companies found that the median cost of recovering from a single virus incident was $11,000. IAB Pro 3.2 can help reduce data recovery costs by making full-system backups and real-time automatic backups simple and convenient for all users on the network.

Iomega Products Shipping with IAB Pro, Pricing & Availability
IAB Pro 3.0 software currently ships with Iomega external hard drives, Iomega network attached storage servers and the new Iomega 35GB REV drives; current users of version 3.0 can upgrade to version 3.2 for free at the Iomega Web site. Version 3.2 will begin shipping with new products this month and is now available separately at the Iomega Web site for $69.95. (Pricing is U.S. retail)

System Requirements
IAB Pro 3.2 software is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® XP Home and Professional, Windows 2000 Professional and Server (SP3+), and Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition and Small Business Edition. Network devices running other operating systems, such as NAS servers, can be used as backup destinations. Other compatible destination drives include most internal and external hard drives and the Iomega Network Hard Drive. IAB Pro 3.2 software does not currently support DVD and CD-RW drives.

About Iomega
Iomega Corporation provides easy-to-use, high value storage solutions to help people protect, secure, capture and share their valuable digital information. Iomega's award-winning storage products include the new Iomega REV™ Drive, popular Zip® 100MB, 250MB and 750MB Drives; high-performance Iomega® External Hard Drives in desktop and portable configurations; Iomega Mini USB Drives and Micro Mini™ USB Drives; Iomega external CD-RW Drives; Iomega Super DVD Drives and the QuikTouch™ Video Burner; and Iomega Floppy USB-Powered Drives. Iomega simplifies data protection and sharing at home and in the workplace with Iomega Automatic Backup software, HotBurn® CD-recording software, and Active Disk™ technology. For networks, Iomega NAS servers offer capacities of 160GB to 1.6TB. For unlimited capacity and anytime, anywhere access, Iomega offers iStorage™ secure online storage. Iomega also offers businesses and consumers a comprehensive data recovery services solution for recovering lost data due to hardware failure, file corruption or media damage. The Company can be reached at 1-888-516-8467, or on the Web at

NOTE: The statements contained in this release regarding development, production and distribution of Iomega Automatic Backup Pro, version 3.2, anticipated product pricing and availability, expected product performance and specifications, future applications for the new product and all other statements that are not purely historical, are forward looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All such forward looking statements are based upon information available to Iomega as of the date hereof, and Iomega disclaims any intention or obligation to update any such forward looking statements. Actual results could differ materially from current expectations. Factors that could cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to, the successful completion of product development and testing, market acceptance of, and demand for, the Iomega product, any difficulties encountered in ramping up production or other manufacturing issues, including component availability and pricing, co-development, production, and distribution issues, product pricing and conformity to specifications, dependence upon third party suppliers, competition, intellectual property rights and other risks and uncertainties identified in the reports filed from time to time by Iomega with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, including Iomega's Annual Report on Form 10 K for the year ended December 31, 2004, and its most recent Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q.

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* 2.6:1 data compression assumes the use of "high" compression on Iomega Automatic Backup Pro software with highly compressible files such as typical office spreadsheets and documents. Capacity may vary and is data and software dependent.

** Source: "Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery, 2004," Peripheral Concepts, Inc, & Coughlin Associates. Median company size surveyed: 955 employees.

*** Source: "ICSA Labs 9th Annual Computer Virus Prevalence Survey," 2004. The 300 companies surveyed all had at least 500 PCs and multiple LANs.

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