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30 years of unstoppable innovation - Check out our latest solutions!
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Network Solutions

Hard Drive Solutions

Multimedia Solutions
Iomega network solutions provide
a simple way to protect, manage,
and share your information.
Easy-to-use, rugged storage
to safely store your digital files at
home, work, or wherever you go.
Iomega offers a suite of multimedia
products to let you store, view,
and enjoy your media collections.

Network Solutions

Hard Drive Solutions

Multimedia Solutions

April 2, 1980
Iomega Founded

October 1982
Released First Berboulli Drive (10MB)

January 1995
Shipped Ditto Tape Drive

March 1995
Released Zip 100MB Drive

December 1995
Shipped Jaz 1GB Drive

June 1997
Announced Buz Multimedia Producer

November 1997
Unveiled Clik! 40MB Drive

February 1998
Shipped Jaz 2GB Drive

December 1998
Shipped Zip 250MB Drive

June 1999
Shipped First Internal CD-RW Drive

September 2000
Launched HipZip Digital Audio Player

October 2000
Shipped FotoShow Digital Image Center

December 2000
Shipped First External CD-RW Drive

January 2001
Announced Peerless Drive System

March 2001
Shipped DataSafe Network Attached Storage (NAS) Server

April 2002
Announced Portable and External Hard Drive Family

August 2002
Shipped Zip 750MB Drive

November 2002
Launched USB Mini Flash Drive

March 2003
Launched iStorage Online Storage

March 2003
Announced External Floppy Drive

June 2003
Announced first DVD-RW drive

June 2003
Shipped 50 millonth Zip drive

November 2003
Introduced Super DVD QuikTouch

February 2004
Shipped CD-RW/DVD-ROM 7-in-1 Card Reader

April 2004
Shipped REV 35GB Drive

April 2004
Shipped Floppy Plus 7-in-1 Card Reader

September 2004
Introduced Wireless NAS Server

October 2004
Introduced REV Autoloader 1000

November 2005
Announced ScreenPlay Multimedia Drive

September 2006
Introduced desktop RAID storage

January 2008
Announced eGo Portable Hard Drive

April 2008
EMC acquired Iomega

April 2008
Announced ScreenPlay HD Multimedia Drive

May 2008
Announced eGo Desktop Hard Drive

August 2008
Introduced ScreenPlay TV Link Multimedia Adapter

September 2008
Announced the new eGo Helium Portable Hard Drive

October 2008
Announced StorCenter ix2

October 2008
Announced ScreenPlay Pro HD Multimedia Drive

January 2009
Shipped Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive

February 2009
Announced StorCenter ix4-100 Server

April 2009
Ships the StorCenter ix4-200r NAS

May 2009
New Generation of eGo Portable Hard Drives

August 2009
Announced StorCenter ix4-200d NAS

October 2009
Announced StorCenter ix2-200

January 2010
Shipped Iomega iConnect Wireless Data Station

January 2010
Announced ScrenPlay Media Player, Director Edition

January 2010
Announced v.Clone Technology: Take your PC Virtually Anywhere

April 2010
Iomega celebrates 30 years